Reflections in Transit

I’m sitting in Borispol Airport, Kiev – a stopover on my way to Istanbul. I flew the 10 hours from Bangkok, and as the first part of my journey is over – visiting friends and a familiar place, I feel the need to reflect on that time, as I transition to the next. From here I’m on my own – I make my own way, whichever I choose. The next few steps are set in place – staying with friends of a friend before I head off to the farm I’ll be working at. Beyond that I don’t know. I’ve never been to Turkey before. I read an article on Istanbul in an aeroplane magazine about seven years ago, and my interest was piqued. Since then it has been on my ‘to travel to’ list, but seemed so far out of reach at the time. And yet here we are.

But back to Bangkok. I decided to visit my friends there as a it was on my way, and I figured it would be a good transition into travelling alone – somewhere familiar, safe, and with people I know. What I didn’t realise, was that it would be a timely transition in other ways. While spending time with my friends in UNOH (Urban Neighbours of Hope) there, I was reminded of how important it is to me to share life in community; with people whose hearts beat the same as mine. During the morning devotional times I was reminded how much I value regularly reading the bible and praying with others, with hearts on the table. The rhythms of life that create a solid foundation. I hope to continue with these on my travels – carving out the space that gives something to hold onto, lest I be rocked by the waves of the unknown that crash around me.

Lots of delicious, spicy Thai food, motorbike rides, and time with friends later, the next part of my journey begins.


One thought on “Reflections in Transit”

  1. Go with God my little one!

    I am learning things as you go about trust. But I haven’t quite figured out what yet. I am having a conversation with God about it.

    Lots of prayer heading your way in any case!

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